Forza Motorsport (2005)
(Forza Motorsport series)
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"Forza Motorsport" is the first fully customizable driving simulator for Xbox. With authentic handling and damage physics, lifelike graphics, and realistic tuning options, "Forza Motorsport" brings the automotive experience to life. Feel the pride of owning more than 200 models from automakers such as Nissan, Honda, Ferrari, Porsche, Tommy Kiara and over 40 other manufacturers. Players express themselves with endless visual customization options — choosing from 150 aftermarket brands, a million unique paint schemes, and enough decals for every car imaginable — and then make their vehicles roar on the road with engine upgrades ranging from turbo kits to engine swaps.

Gamers can take their custom collection of track monsters to the competition at famous circuits such as the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Laguna Seca and Tsukuba, or on the spectator-lined streets of New York City, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. If the living room isn't large enough, players can take their car collections online for some real competition — even real deal-making, in which gamers can buy and sell cars online — in the most seamless Xbox Live racing experience ever seen.

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Taal English
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