Yoshi Touch & Go (2005)
(Yoshi series)
Nintendo DS
Puzzle, Platformer
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Nintendo Nintendo

One night, a stork was soaring high in the sky with a precious delivery of baby twins. But then, as the stork flew over Yoshi's Island, a speeding shadow crashed into it, causing it to drop its precious cargo!

The game features two styles of game-play: vertical-scrolling and side-scrolling. In the vertical-scrolling mode, players use the stylus to draw clouds in the sky, directing Baby Mario away from enemies and obstacles as he falls toward the ground. In the side-scrolling mode, players use the stylus to make Yoshi jump and throw eggs as he runs across Yoshi's Island. There are no complicated controls to master. With simple yet precise Touch Screen controls, players of all ages and skill levels can easily enjoy the action.

Touch Yoshi to make him jump, then touch him again to make him flutter-jump higher and higher. You can touch the screen to make Yoshi throw eggs that will collect coins and knock down enemies and egg-producing fruit. You can also encircle enemies in clouds to turn them into coins, which you can then throw to Yoshi with the stylus.

Product Gegevens
Aantal Disks 1
Meerdere Spelers Wi-Fi
Apparaten Touch Screen
Taal English
Leeftijdskeuring 3+
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