Super Monkey Ball (2001)
(Super Monkey Ball series)
Puzzle, Party
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Sega of America SEGA
GC Disc

Get ready to Monkey Around! Cute, simple, and powerfully addictive; Monkey Ball puts players in control of what else? A cute little monkey trapped in a transparent ball. Geared towards anyone who likes having fun, Monkey Ball challenges 1-4 players to maneuver a ball by tilting the floor quickly with the Control Pad. The more you tilt, the faster the ball rolls, and it's your job to get the ball safely from the beginning of each stage to the end without letting it fall off the edges. But don't forget to collect some bananas along the way for extra bonus points!

Product Gegevens
Aantal Disks 1
Meerdere Spelers Split Screen, Same Screen
Taal English
Leeftijdskeuring 3+