ICO (2001)
PlayStation 2
RPG, Adventure, Puzzle
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He was born with horns. For this, they feared him. At first, he was ostracized. Then he was entombed. Then he was forgotten. Only, one day, he escaped his burial crypt. In the outside world, he found himself within a castle, and within that castle he found a peculiar girl. Her name is Yorda. His name is Ico. And the castle had no name, nor did it have an exit or an explanation of its existence...only dangers and menacing spirits.

So begins ICO, the captivating adventure game for the PlayStation 2. In this haunting world, drawn with astounding visual detail and breathtaking style unlike any game you've seen before, Ico must lead the way through the catacombs and windswept ramparts of this strange castle. He'll leap over precipices and battle back shadow wraiths and ethereal creatures with a swing of his walking staff, but his real weapon against the unreal forces in his way is the beautiful and curious Yorda, whose unexplained powers are always the surprise and wonder. But with so many mysteries in their quest, the one daunting question always remains: is there ever a way out of this strange place? Find out for yourself in the adventure of ICO.

Product Gegevens
Aantal Disks 1
Taal English
Leeftijdskeuring 12+