Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003)
(Resident Evil series)
PlayStation 2
Shooter, Survival Horror
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Capcom Cavia Inc.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim sees search and pursuit team agent, Bruce MacGavin spear heading a shady anti-Umbrella organization's attempt to infiltrate and investigate a gigantic sea-cruiser as it makes its way across the Atlantic. Bruce MacGavin is a brand new character to the Resident Evil series and along with his mysterious female partner must battle against the hoards of relentless zombies that confront them for the first time.

In the true spirit of the survival horror genre, players must perform search and stealth manoeuvres as well as attack moves to make it out alive. Bullets are scarce but new weapons become available as players progress though the game including a grenade launcher and a shotgun. Resident Evil: Dead Aim maintains the action and puzzle solving elements that the Resident Evil series is known for, but is set in a first-person perspective viewpoint.

Product Gegevens
Aantal Disks 1
Apparaten Gun
Taal English
Leeftijdskeuring 16+