This is football 2005 (2005)
PlayStation 2
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SCEA 989 Sports

Ever fancied playing for your favourite football team? TiF 2005 is here to make that dream come true, thanks to revolutionary new EyeToy: Cameo technology.

Using EyeToy, you can capture a couple of simple images of your face and head, and Cameo will convert them into an uncannily realistic and fully animated 3D model which can then be mapped onto a custom player in TiF 2005!

Take TiF 2005 online to compete in the all-new pan-European tournaments, and you will soon be known by the rest of the continent. Just pray that you're recognised as a goal-scoring machine rather than a red-card loving, two-footed tackler...

Yes, you read correctly - pan-European tournaments. If you thought that TiF 2004's eight-player online compatibility was impressive, TiF 2005 takes things one step further by giving you the chance to organise and compete in local and European competitions against other TiF-loving opponents.

Of course, TiF has to maintain its reputation as the most comprehensive football sim on the planet, so TiF 2005 ups the ante once again with more teams, more players, more seasons, more leagues, more stadia, and even more commentary than ever before.

Gameplay benefits from a range of new player animations that give you even more dribbling, passing and shooting moves, all with greater responsiveness and fluidity. It also means that scoring's going to be more of a challenge, too, as the extra animation extends to the 'keepers, who now have a wider range of saves at their disposal.

If you're playing or practising offline, you'll also notice that the AI has received a significant boost; now you'll be able to see the differences in various teams' playing styles, such as the Italian squad's capacity for strong possession, and the French team's knack for elegance and smoothness.

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